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Michael Morgan and Diana Craighead represent LBCPTA on stage at the 2011 California State PTA Convention to receive a “Legacy Award” from state PTA president Jo Loss, for over a century of service to the children of Long Beach.

2013-2014 Reflections Program
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2012 California State PTA Spotlight Award Winners!

For the second year in a row, three Long Beach PTA units were honored with a presitgious Spotlight Award from California State PTA at the annual Convention (held in Anaheim, May 9 – 12, 2012).  This is an amazing accomplishment because CAPTA only gives out eight awards to units throughout the entire state of California, and we have three more of them right here among our own!

Congratulations to James Russell Lowell Elementary PTA, Lakewood High School PTSA, and Mark Twain Elementary PTA for this amazing accomplishment!

Carol Kocivar (CAPTA President), Karen Taylor & Holland Brown (Learning Garden Chairpersons)

James Russell Lowell Elementary PTA

earns the “Student Achievement Award” for the “Lowell Learning Garden”, which was conceived as an outdoor classroom to allow children to expand their learning through educational experiences in the garden.  The Learning Garden was created through the collaboration of parents, community members, and teachers.  The Garden provides students with hands-on learning experiences related to school curriculum, healthy food choices and nutrition, responsible community participation, and environmental stewardship.


Carol Kocivar (CAPTA President), Marie Thompson (Lakewood HS PTA President), Michael Morgan (LBCPTA President)

Lakewood High School PTSA

earns the “Advocacy Award” for a City Council candidates forum.  Students from the government class were invited to attend, as well as the public.  This led to encouraging students to attend the Sacramento Safari event held in March.  Students from the government class wend on to promote AB 1174 which was introduced by California Assemblyman Warren Furutani.  the class had the opportunity to testify to the California Assembly Education Committee about AB 1174 which passed the assembly on April 14, 2011.

Carol Kocivar (CAPTA President), Sara Pohl and Lisa McCarthy (Program Chairpersons) 

Mark Twain Elementary PTA

earned the “Environmental Award”.  Parents, teachers, and the Principal met to discuss cutting back on the everyday waste from all the lunchtime waste being tossed into the trash can.  They started a lunchtime recycling program recovering “waste” from all lunches brought or purchased, and separating into trash or recycleables.  they “upcycle” drink pouches and chip bags by shipping them to Terracycle where they are made into other products.  The program is run by students and parent volunteers.  This started the Green Team Club, which now consists of over 167 students.  they reduced lunchtime waste by 58%, and diverted over 95,000 gallons of trash per year just by lunchtime recycling.  After-school programs benefitted from a $2,000 donation earned through recycling efforts.



2011 California State PTA Spotlight Award Winners!

We cheered on our units this year with “O.T.S.!”, which stands for Own The Stage.  With our home town as the hosting city of the CAPTA Annual Convention in 2011, we decided that Long Beach PTAs needed to be all over the awards stage during convention.

Since August 2010 we had been campaigning with our unit PTAs to complete the Spotlight Award applications and share all the good work that they have been doing.  We are so proud that of the six total Unit Spotlight Awards that were given out at convention, THREE of them went to Long Beach PTA units!

Congratulations to Longfellow Elementary PTA, Kettering Elementary PTA, and Prisk PTA for winning these rare and prestigious awards!  They received their awards on stage at the annual convention on April 29, 2011.

In addition to receiving the award, two of the schools also presented their award winning programs in a convention class attended by 100 people.  They represented Long Beach very well!

For more information regarding Spotlight Awards, including a copy of one of the winning application essays, application instructions and samples of winning programs from the past, please see our “Resources/Downloads” page and look for the “Spotlight Awards” folder.

California State PTA President Jo Loss presents Andrea Sams from Prisk Elementary PTA (accompanied by LBCPTA mentors Michael Morgan and Laura Costley) with a Spotlight Award for “Membership and Outreach”.

Prisk PTA realized the need to reach out to underrepresented groups at their school; new parents (kindergarten and transferred students) and special education families.  For the new families, PTA members developed the “W.I.N.G.S.” program, which stand for “We Include Newcomers and Give Support”/  To reach out to their special needs families, they established a goal to successfully accommodate their needs, and to include them as they developed school-wide programs.

Dana Stump, Megan Kerr, and Sandi Jenkins represent Longfellow Elementary PTA to receive the Spotlight “Environmental Award”.


 The Longfellow Green Team began “Friday Recycling” to recycle aluminum, ink cartridges, and plastic bottles as a revenue stream.  They expanded the program to include other ways that “trash” could be recycled.  The Green Team now runs a number of concurrent and complementary programs, including lunchtime recycle (juice pouches and chip bags), cafeteria food donations, Walk to School Wednesdays, and a uniform swap.

Kettering Elementary PTA board member Joy Hardwick receives the Spotlight Award for “Family Involvement”.


In an effort to promote literacy and a love of reading, three themed events called “Kettering Library Nights” are sponsored by the PTA during the school year.  These nights feature activities produced by students and parents, such as; storytelling, sing-a-longs, comic artists and character actors.  It is a great way for families and teachers to spend time together reading and learning about great books.

LBCPTA’s 2011 Club 100

It is no easy feat to have your PTA membership numbers meet or exceed your school’s enrollment numbers, but a few of our schools have done it!  Congratulations to the following unit PTAs for being part of LBCPTA’s prestigious Club 100!:

Longfellow Elementary PTA

Gant Elementary PTA

Fremont Elementary PTA

LBCPTA 2011 President’s Club

It is no secret that LBCPTA President Michael Morgan thinks breaking your membership records is an important part of a successful year as a unit PTA.  So, he would like to honor the following schools who have met the California State PTA’s annual membership goal of increasing by 5%, not just once, but TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!!

Avalon PTA

Bixby Elementary PTA

Bryant Elementary PTA

Dooley Elementary PTA

Hughes Middle School PTA

Kettering Elementary PTA

Longfellow Elementary PTA

Lowell Elementary PTA

Newcomb Academy (K-8) PTA

Polytechnic High PTSA

Stanford Middle School PTA


2011 Honorary Service Award Recipients

Sean Lockridge, Mike Mendelsohn and Mary Lynn Sophiea, Owners of Baja Sonora Restaurants (accompanied in the photo by Michael Morgan, LBCPTA President)

Our three wonderful Honorary Service Award recipients are all co-owners of the two local Long Beach “Baja Sonora” mexican food restaurants located in the Los Altos and Bixby Knolls neighborhoods.  Aside from their delicious food and welcoming atmosphere, they are tremendous supporters of our Long Beach schools.  In addition to their fundraiser nights for individual schools, they started a program called “PTA MONDAYS” where they donate 10% of purchases made every Monday to any PTA chosen by the customer.  In the last two years the “Baja Sonora” restaurant owners have donated over $20,000 to our schools, and they are committed to not only continuing this themselves, but also encourage other local businesses to make the same commitment. LBCPTA honors them for their generosity and their commitment to supporting our local schools and the children they serve.

Honorary Service Awards are available from the California State PTA given to individuals or organizations in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth.  As part of the award, a contribution is made to the HSA program to provide funds for the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Program.

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