California State PTA Convention Information and Forms

Unit Presidents,
Attached BELOW:
1. Convention Attendees Registration Form (Due to LBCPTA on April 10)
2. 33rd District Convention Handbook (information from 33rd District regarding Convention)
3. LBCPTA Convention Lunch information (information on April 27th LBCPTA lunch)
4. LBC 33rd Convention Dinner Information (information on April 28th 33rd District Dinner)
5. LBC T-shirt Order Form (to be used for anyone wantingto order LBCPTA t-shirts and not attending Convention)
California State PTA Convention is fast approaching and we can’t wait to see you and your Board Members there! You’ll need to register and make hotel reservations online at (link below). There will be a 33rd District Convention Fee included with your online Convention Reservation which you’ll need to pay when registering. Early Registration ends on March 31 and there will be a price increase as of April 1.
You will also need to turn in the attached Convention Attendees Registration Form to Long Beach Council PTA on Tuesday, April 10 (our Unit Presidents Meeting). Note this form MUST be turned in with every attendee’s name and contact information included. We have done our best to make this as easy as possible for you. You’ll need to turn in only one form (The Convention Attendees Registration Form) along with one check, That’s it …and you’re done.
Additional notes:
1. The Convention Attendees Form does not register you for Convention. This form is requires for Long Beach Council PTA for informational/organizational purposes on our end, special event reservations and t-shirt orders. In addition to turning this form into LBCPTA on April 10, YOU MUST register for Convention on the California State PTA website at (link below).
2. We are aware the per diem is exceeded for both the 33rd District Dinner and the LBCPTA lunch. These are both special events and the cost is allowable and customary, and should be covered by the unit.
3. If no payment is turned in, the Convention Attendees Registration Form with names and correct information IS STILL REQUIRED TO BE TURNED IN BY APRIL 10.
If you are not attending Convention and would like to order  a LBCPTA t-shirt, please use the attached T-Shirt Order Form and turn it in at the April UPs Meeting.
Convention questions? Contact Diana Craighead at 562-544-1035.
Registration and Housing Reservations for Convention:

2018 District Convention Handbook FINAL

Founders Day

Bring your board members and principal to join us as we celebrate!

Long Beach Council PTA Founders Day Fiesta!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

9:00 am Check-in and Breakfast Begins / 9:30 am Program Starts

Acapulco Restaurant @ 6270 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90803

$25.00 per person

 This is a legitimate PTA expense, and should be paid for by the unit, provided funds are budgeted for it, and available.

Price will go up to $30.00 on January 31.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept reservations after Tuesday, February 6.

LBC Founders Day Registration Form 2018

Graduating High School Senior Scholarship

LBCPTA is offering each High School with a PTSA a $500 scholarship

Please make it a priority to get the word out to your HS Seniors

Make sure one of your students receives $500

Why not publicize the LBCPTA scholarship together with your PTSA scholarship?

Please support this opportunity for your students!

The Lena Galbraith Fund was created in 1965 to award $25.00 for students pursuing a career in teaching. One student was selected from each of the high schools. This was given to the student upon enrollment in Long Beach City College to cover the cost of books.

Now, LBCPTA has a $500 scholarship for High School students who meet the criteria listed on the application. The scholarship can be used at any College or Career School for tuition, books or other college fees. This scholarship is available to one qualified student from each LBUSD high schools with an active PTA/PTSA unit in good standing.

Application deadline is March 15, 2018. Submit completed applications to your school’s Career and College Center Counselor. The LBCPTA High School Scholarship Committee will select one winner from each high school.

  • The scholarship is for applicants who will attend any College or Career School in the fall as a full-time student.
  • The student’s cumulative GPA must be 2.0 or above.
  • The student winner must be a current PTA/PTSA member at any LBUSD school.

Downloadable forms at Resources: Scholarships

Contact for Questions: Jeyanthy Kernik, LBCPTA High School Scholarship Chairperson

                                       voicemail (562) 598-9293

Thank you so much for supporting the LBCPTA High School Senior Scholarship Program

Message from LBCPTA

Well the 2017-2018 school year is underway. I hope all is going well at your schools. From what I have seen so far, some units have had a bit of a bumpy start, but I am sure as the year goes along all the issues that have come up will go away. I am glad to see that you are following the motto of our LBCPTA President has chosen for her two year term: “When we know better, we do better.” Keep at it and you will benefit from the knowledge you are gaining each month.
We had our first Leadership Team meeting on October 10th. The Leadership Team is made up of the President, Vice President, Director of Leadership, and all the Area Advisors. I was glad to see we has a few Unit Presidents come to the bungalow before the meeting to speak to their Area Advisors. The next time we will be doing this will be in January 2018. I will send out a reminder notice as we get closer to that date.
Starting in November, “Drop-Offs” will not count as meeting attendance – if you are not available to stay for the meeting, please find someone to attend for you. At one of our schools, whose President is unable to attend the meetings, they’ve sent around a sign-up sheet and each Board Member has chosen a month to attend the meeting in the President’s place. Please consider doing this at your school if you are unable to attend the UPs meetings each month. You could also make it an appointed Board Position (LBCPTA Delegate) where it will be that person’s responsibility to attend the monthly UPs meeting, turn in paperwork, and then report back to the Executive Board what was discussed.
Council works hard to provide information for the UPs meetings each month. Every meeting serves as a training and it is important to bring other Board Members to these meetings for training and mentoring the next generation. It is beneficial not just for you as PTA President but also your Executive Board to hear what is presented, to participate in discussion, and to network with other units to get ideas and hear what is working at other schools.
Our November Ups meeting is a Council Meeting. This means you will need to bring two delegates with you. These two delegates are allowed to vote but you can definitely bring more to experience the informative presentations.
The mini training will be about Nominating Committees” and “What to do if your unit is planning a raffle or Poker Night?” Please bring a copy of your unit bylaws, the Insurance Guide (Red, Yellow, Green book), and the Red Book to our next meeting to participate in earinng extra credit points.
I look forward to seeing you and others from your Board at the November UPs meeting.
Kind Regards,
Sandy Shewchuk
LBCPTA Director of Leadership
“When we know better, we do better.”

UPS FollowUp Email, October

Hello Presidents,
     Thank you again for attending yesterday’s meeting. I hope we are able to offer some useful information at each of our meetings so you can share with your Board and Association members. Please find the information I promised to send you all and if you have any questions, feel free to contact your Area Advisor or myself.
  1.      Thirty Third District PTA Unit and Council Recognition Award Application. This award replaces the California PTA Spotlight Award 33rd District Recognition Awards Application FINAL
  2. The In-Kind Donation List for the LA County Youth Camp’s 33rd District PTA has supported for over 30 years, Information initially went out on September 27th. Attached is the list again for those who didn’t receive it YC needs flyer FINAL as of Sept 2017 (4)
  3. Casa Youth Shelter Leadership Conference Invitation CYS_YLP_Conference_eCard_2017
     Thank you and have a great week!
     Tina Bone
     Long Beach Council PTA
     President 2017-2019