Coronavirus and PTA

Updated March 12, 2020 2:27 pm:

From 33rd District PTA:

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) questions regarding PTA meetings have arisen, California State PTA leadership has provided district presidents with the following guidelines:

1)     If a unit or council is holding an executive board meeting and would prefer to have the meeting via teleconferencing, then they should. Even if they did not have that in their current bylawsDue to these extenuating circumstances, CAPTA is giving everyone a pass and allowing the teleconferencing.

2)     Regarding General Association meetings: At this time, our suggestion is to postpone the meeting, if that is what makes the leaders comfortable.  Some of you and your associations are not having issues. They are fine with having meetings and moving forward. That is fine as well. It is really up to each individual unit or council. Just proceed with caution and do what makes sense to you and your leaders.

3)     In some cases school districts are cancelling events and after school activities. This has included PTA meetings. CAPTA VP of leadership has been asked about events/meetings being held off campus. Once again, we are going to suggest erring on the side of caution. Don’t make your leaders uncomfortable. If cancelling seems like the best thing to do, then go ahead and cancel or postpone. If you are all comfortable meeting, then go ahead. Once again, proceed with caution.

4)    CAPTA VP of leadership has also been asked about compensation regarding cancelled events and the insurance company and the question into them and we will see what they say. I would really hope that any company you are contracted with to hold a fundraiser or event would be willing to work with us regarding cancelling events.

As additional information and guidelines are shared, I will, of course, share with you.

Once this issue passes, I want to be able to support all councils and units in moving forward.

Cindy Ellenberg


Thirty-Third District PTA