Awards and Grants


Please note, all due dates are deadlines of receive dates, not postmark.

CAPTA Grant Programs (4 Categories)   

Due Nov 15th

CAPTA Scholarship Programs:

Program Info:

  • $500 Volunteer Continuing Education Scholarship
  • $500 Continuing Education Scholarship for Credentialed Classroom Teachers & Counselors
  • $500 Continuing Education Scholarship for School Nurses
  • Graduating High School Senior Scholarships:
    • $750 Volunteer Service Scholarship
    • $500 Dr. Ralph E White Graduating Senior Scholarship
      This opportunity is for seniors pursuing a career in a medical field. (due Feb 1)

Local and California PTA Award Opportunities:

Thirty-Third District Awards

CAPTA Honorary Service Awards (6 Categories)
Very Special Person
Honorary Service Award
Continued Service Award
Golden Oak Service Award
Outstanding Teacher Awards
Outstanding Administrator Award
Application and Information

National Award Opportunities:

National PTA School of Excellence
Due April 1 – Oct 15
Program and Application

National PTA Healthy Lifestyle Grant
Due Oct 15
Program and Application

National PTA Phobe Apperson Hearst Family-School Partnership Award
Program and Application

National PTA Shirley Igo Advocate of the Year Award

Program and Application

National PTA Local/District/Regional PTA Outstanding Advocacy Award
Program and Application

National PTA Outstanding Youth Advocacy Award
Program Information

National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award
Due: Ongoing
Program and Application

National Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award Award
Due: March 18
Program and Application

National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant Award
Program and Application

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