Message from LBCPTA

Well the 2017-2018 school year is underway. I hope all is going well at your schools. From what I have seen so far, some units have had a bit of a bumpy start, but I am sure as the year goes along all the issues that have come up will go away. I am glad to see that you are following the motto of our LBCPTA President has chosen for her two year term: “When we know better, we do better.” Keep at it and you will benefit from the knowledge you are gaining each month.
We had our first Leadership Team meeting on October 10th. The Leadership Team is made up of the President, Vice President, Director of Leadership, and all the Area Advisors. I was glad to see we has a few Unit Presidents come to the bungalow before the meeting to speak to their Area Advisors. The next time we will be doing this will be in January 2018. I will send out a reminder notice as we get closer to that date.
Starting in November, “Drop-Offs” will not count as meeting attendance – if you are not available to stay for the meeting, please find someone to attend for you. At one of our schools, whose President is unable to attend the meetings, they’ve sent around a sign-up sheet and each Board Member has chosen a month to attend the meeting in the President’s place. Please consider doing this at your school if you are unable to attend the UPs meetings each month. You could also make it an appointed Board Position (LBCPTA Delegate) where it will be that person’s responsibility to attend the monthly UPs meeting, turn in paperwork, and then report back to the Executive Board what was discussed.
Council works hard to provide information for the UPs meetings each month. Every meeting serves as a training and it is important to bring other Board Members to these meetings for training and mentoring the next generation. It is beneficial not just for you as PTA President but also your Executive Board to hear what is presented, to participate in discussion, and to network with other units to get ideas and hear what is working at other schools.
Our November Ups meeting is a Council Meeting. This means you will need to bring two delegates with you. These two delegates are allowed to vote but you can definitely bring more to experience the informative presentations.
The mini training will be about Nominating Committees” and “What to do if your unit is planning a raffle or Poker Night?” Please bring a copy of your unit bylaws, the Insurance Guide (Red, Yellow, Green book), and the Red Book to our next meeting to participate in earinng extra credit points.
I look forward to seeing you and others from your Board at the November UPs meeting.
Kind Regards,
Sandy Shewchuk
LBCPTA Director of Leadership
“When we know better, we do better.”

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